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We have over 22 years of industry experience

At SUNPASS Solar, we inspect and repair any solar panel system in Sydney, no matter who installed it. Our professional solar panel repair services are focused on providing high-quality results, optimal energy production, and efficiency. We have over 22 years of industry experience and provide supply and installation services for CEC-approved solar panels and inverters. We have also built a positive reputation for providing reliable repair services for solar power systems in the region.

System inspection

Solar panels are typically a low maintenance installation for your home. This is especially the case when you choose CEC-accredited solar power systems. We suggest that your solar panels should be checked twice a year for any signs of dust or debris build-up.

At SUNPASS, we can provide periodic professional inspections to ensure the whole system is working properly. A periodic inspection will help extend the lifecycle of your panels and save you on expensive repairs and replacements.

Solar Diagnostic & Repair

Once we have installed your solar panels, our service doesn’t just end there. We are also dedicated to ensuring the effective and smooth operation of your solar panels. We provide a wide range of solar panel diagnostic and repair services. From normal repairs to damage repairs, our licensed and experienced team is always available to assist you.

When you rely on us for your solar panel repair needs, you can rest assured about getting unparalleled customer service. We supply and install a wide range of CEC-accredited solar panels and can back up their performance and reliability with our professional repair services.

What do we offer?
We provide specialised cleaning and service plans for residential and commercial properties. Our professional and proven cleaning service will significantly improve the efficiency of your solar panels.
Some of the key aspects of our solar panel cleaning service are as follows:
25-year solar panel performance warranty
Third-party liability insurance of up to $1,400,000
Fire and other damages covered up to $2,400,000
Hassle-free service
22 years of global solar industry experience

Solar panels need to be cleaned using special products recommended by the manufacturer. We know the best equipment that should be used to prevent any damages to the panels’ surface. The use of the right cleaners and effective cleaning also helps maintain the panels’ shine for a long time. Thus, our solar panel cleaning service also helps in reducing the frequency of cleaning.

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Solar Diagnostic & Repair for Existing System Not Installed by Us

Accredited solar panel systems, when installed the right way, can maintain themselves for years. However, they may develop issues at times that need diagnostic inspection and repair. We also provide our solar panel services for systems that are not installed by us. Our technicians will work with you to identify the issues and resolve them with a quick turnaround. Our experts will recommend proper repair or component replacements to ensure that your system works at its optimal efficiency.

At SUNPASS Solar, we have been supplying, installing, repairing, and maintaining CEC approved solar panels and inverters for decades. We deal in brands that stand out for their quality, reliability, performance, and proven track record. We have as many years of experience in terms of repairing and maintaining solar panels. As mentioned above, we specialise in providing repair services for panels installed by us and also by other installers.

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Solar panel cleaning helps you save money, but you should know how often they should be cleaned. The frequency will primarily depend on where you live. If you live in an area with a dust problem or near the sea, the panels should be cleaned at least once every 6 months. Our technicians will conduct a visual inspection of your system whenever we clean it.

If you want to have your solar panels cleaned, SUNPASS Solar is always within your reach. Feel free to contact us at 1300 289 218 or write to us to get a quote.