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Solar Panel and Inverter Recycling

As solar power systems become more advanced and affordable, solar energy has become accessible to more people. There has been an exponential growth in solar adoption. The global photovoltaic (PV) modules installation in 2018 was 400 Gigawatts. With a market penetration that is growing at such a fast rate, end-of-life management is crucial for PV technologies for ensuring clean energy solutions. This is important for ensuring that the technology remains a clean energy solution and sustainable in the future.

Faulty Solar Panel & Inverter Removal & Recycling

Solar panels and inverters are designed to last for decades, especially when they are properly and professionally maintained. Sometimes, PV modules can be refurbished or reused to generate electricity. Solar inverters can be recycled and the racking equipment can be reused with the latest technology or recycled similar to other metals.

We offer an intermediate treatment service for recycling faulty and old solar panels and inverters. Recycling glass can be difficult when metals get mixed. We use the original method to efficiently recycle glass after the metals are removed. Once the materials are separated, they are handled by recycling companies. We take all the measures to ensure that the maximum-possible discarded components are recycled.

Reducing the Solar Panel Landfill Issue

With so many faulty and old panels creating a solar panel landfill issue, our aim is to reduce this problem in Australia. A significant percentage of these faulty panels are caused due to many solar installers going out of business.

The need for the management of such non-reusable panels will become increasingly important as large installations and large volumes of panels reach the end of life. More and more homeowners are now seeking ways for disposing of their old or faulty panels and inverters.

Sending these discarded panels and inverters to landfills is no longer a viable option because these systems contain certain toxic elements. This makes it important to manage them responsibly. Besides, panels also contain rare elements of significant value. Recycling helps improve the sustainable growth of PV technology by developing a secondary stream of these valuable materials. This is also beneficial in further lowering the prices of solar panels.

Our Care & Concern for Planet Earth

At SUNPASS Solar, we care about planet earth and make every effort to reduce the percentage of material that goes to landfills. We have systems in place to ensure the optimal re-use or recycling of solar panels, inverters, and other materials.
We have been providing our services in the solar energy industry for over 22 years. More recently, clients and stakeholders have shown increasing interest in ensuring the whole lifecycle of PV technology to make a positive impact on the environment.
When solar panels and inverters operate, they are certainly beneficial for the environment. People want to completely replace their other power generation systems. End-of-life management of solar power systems is the only area where a negative environmental impact is recorded. For us, handling and overcoming this challenge is a major concern from the environmental perspective. We are continuously developing and evolving our recycling and re-use systems to reduce the impact of technology on the environment.

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Upgrading to new solar panels and inverters will provide you with more usable power. Besides, you will have a longer warranty. For example, when you replace or install your solar panel, we offer a 25-year performance warranty. We also provide special finance options to help you save on upfront costs.

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