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We are a CEC approved solar installer and offer CEC accredited solar panels and inverters.

When it comes to installing a solar power system on your roof, you will find many solar companies in Sydney. It is most important to select a solar panel installer that is Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved. This is an important aspect of any solar system installation project because the quality of products and workmanship impact smooth and efficient operation, lifecycle longevity, and cost savings in the long term.

A Strong Commitment to Customer Service

CEC-accredited solar power installers are required to provide quality customer service and after-sales support. Studies show that since 2011, over 1 in 3 solar systems have been orphaned in Australia, as companies failed to honour their warranties or went out of business. This cannot happen when you deal with a retailer and installer approved by the Clean Energy Council. As a CEC approved supplier and installer, we are committed and required by the Council to provide exceptional after-sales support to our clients.

Why Choose CEC Accredited Installers Only?

When you select a CEC approved solar retailer like SUNPASS, you are assured that you will have access to accredited solar panels and inverters. We follow an ethical Code of Conduct in all areas of our business.

CEC-approved solar installers ensure that your systems are reliable, safe, and meet your expectations over the long term. The key benefits of choosing a CEC-approved solar installer are as follows:

What do we offer?
Besides high quality and reliability, CEC accredited solar panels and inverters offer many other benefits. This includes:
Enhanced & Latest Safety Standards

Solar technology is always evolving. The standards, in terms of technology advancements and efficiency, keep updating quickly and new safety standards are introduced. CEC-accredited systems are required to meet these ever-evolving safety standards. The Council regularly tests solar panels and inverters to ensure they keep up with the new requirements.

Continued Customer Support

Our solar inverters will last you more years of usage. A solar product is CEC approved after stringent checks and meeting requirements. One factor that is inspected includes continual product and consumer support. The panels and inverters are also required to meet the highest standards in production.

Improved Efficiency

CEC approved solar power systems are at the cutting edge of the efficiency race. The Council regularly tests inverters and panels based on the latest energy efficiency standards. More energy-efficient systems mean greater energy savings and more cost savings, both in the short and long term.

Solar Tax Credits

CEC approved solar systems are eligible for solar tax credits. CEC conducts testing and is seen as a legible certification for Australian regulatory bodies to hand out STCs.

We Only Sell Trusted Brands
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Wide Installation Experience

At SUNPASS Solar, we have over 22 years of industry experience and we can work with all types of roofs in Australia to customise the installation for you. Some of the key features of our services when it comes to addressing different roof installation challenges are as follows:

When you buy your solar panels and inverters from a CEC-accredited installer like SUNPASS, you should know that you are dealing with a responsible and reliable provider that is committed to providing end-to-end customer service. Feel free to call us at 1300 289 218 to discuss your solar power installation needs or fill out and submit this Online Form for a free quote.

How Are We Different?

  • Conducting thorough wiring, grounding, and attachment inspection for all roof-mounted photovoltaic (PV) arrays and racking systems.
  • Installing solar mounting systems and solar modules in accordance with the manufacturer requirements.
  • Providing a safe path for inspectors and firemen to inspect and walk on the roof.
  • No obstruction or compromise of roof vents, chimneys, and plumbing vents.
  • Securely fixing the solar mounting system and maintaining the roof membrane’s weather protection.
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Get A Whole-Of-System Guarantee

An approved solar installer is required to provide at least a 5-year whole-of-system warranty. If the system doesn’t perform to the forecasted levels within the first 5 years, the installer must assess it and fix or replace any parts without any charges to you.

At SUNPASS Solar, we will calculate the peak sunlight hours received in your area. This assessment is based on the CEC standards and then we will factor in your type of roof and roof size. Our performance estimates will be in compliance with the CEC guidelines.